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DNSPro Managed DNS Service

19 nameservers, 3 anycast clouds with Failover DNS.

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Anycast DNS at Unicast Pricing with Failover DNS, Outbound Mail Transport a whole lot more, oh my!

Dynamic DNS

Carrier Class DNS

  • Manage every aspect of your domain using our powerfully easy Web based Control Panel
  • multiple globally distributed name servers deployed via DNS Anycast ensure redundancy and maximum uptime
  • DNS Failover and Host monitoring (1 device)
  • ability to modify SOA, MX, A records and CNAMEs
  • support for dynamic DNS
  • ability to set individual TTLs per record
  • support for SPF via TXT and SRV records
  • support for round robin DNS
  • Includes 5 million DNS queries per month

Full suite of Email and SMTP functions:

  • easyMAIL IMAP and POP email hosting (10 boxes)
  • full featured email forwarding
  • mail-to-all email forwarding
  • backup email spooling if your main mail server is down
  • easySMTP Outbound Mail service (250 messages per day. If you require more, please contact

Turn your Domain into a Swiss-Army Knife

  • API Access to our REST API
  • URL/Web forwarding with optional 301 redirect
  • stealth Web cloaking
  • Geo-Targeting on URL Forwarding
  • easyID: multi-user OpenID server (v1.1) on your own domain
  • domain registry functions: edit whois, lock domain, delegate nameservers (or keep your own registrar)
  • free Whois Privacy when we are your registrar

Not to mention:

  • friendly, clueful customer support

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Questions? Call our Support Team toll-free
Toll free support from the UK: 0-8000-321943
Toronto and International callers: 1-416-535-8672

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DNS Hosting
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High volume user? See our Enterprise DNS offerings.


Your servers give good worldwide coverage, and I can almost always speak to someone when I need to. I have never stumped your tech support with a difficult question. You have always gone the extra mile, when necessary, to service my business needs — above and beyond the call of duty.

@easyDNS cool. Thanks! And thanks again for the very fast customer service on a Sunday night!
by tjluoma (TJ Luoma) @ 2014-04-20 23:39:40

@easyDNS ah transparency! The single biggest factor why I am a customer. Glad to hear things are getting sorted out.
by jwlethbridge (James Lethbridge) @ 2014-04-20 11:47:26

IML337 (IML337)@springah I've had hosting all my DNS stuff forever. They support dynamic updates too. Highly recommended.
by IML337 (IML337) @ 2014-04-19 23:41:23

@easyDNS sweet deals! Oh and keep up the great work.
by jwlethbridge (James Lethbridge) @ 2014-04-15 21:41:48

@andrewbridges @VBalasubramani easyDNS certainly is aggressively protective of users whose domains do not find warm welcomes elsewhere.
by SeanW (Sean West) @ 2014-03-15 11:35:56

Too Busy To Handle the Details?


A personalized valet service that gets what you need done, so you can get on with your day:

Use to:

  • Transfer your domains here:
    Auth codes? Transfer locks? Ack? Nack? Wtf? Don't worry about it. We'll handle it all.

  • Hook Up Your Domain to your Blog or Google Apps
    Do you want to set up your blog for Blogger, Wordpress, Google apps or some other third party app? Are the details daunting? We can help you out with that.

  • Setup your mail settings:
    We can setup your mailmaps or your outbound mail settings

  • Make DNS Changes: In a hurry? Confused? Need to setup a complicated TXT or SRV record? We can take care of that too!

Just look in your control panel...

at the top of your left hand menu.

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