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Are you Super-Geeky with all this DNS Stuff?

Great! We have many customers just like you because:

  • We have a globally dispersed array of up to 25 nameservers deployed via DNS anycast (learn more)
  • We support advanced DNS records such as SRV, TXT (for SPF and DomainKeys), IPv6, DNSSEC and NAPTR
  • We provide power-tools such as failover DNS, host monitoring and extras like subversion repository hosting, outbound email relays and hosted IMAP (easyMail)
  • See the full feature list

Or is this DNS Stuff all Greek to you?

Great! We have many customers just like you because:

  • Our User Interface makes it, frankly, easy to register and then use your domain name
  • We have clueful support reps who are here to help you, not upsell you
  • We're easy to talk to: no voice mail hell, no zombies reading from a script, no robots and timely email responses.
  • Instantly setup email to work with your own domain name, seamlessly integrate your identity with third party platforms like Google Apps or Blogger
  • Lots of nifty add-ons, like iCal feeds with your domain expiries, custom messages in your whois records (and even tweet2whois). The list goes on...
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